Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for technologies that facilitate individual and private access for people with disabilities to the election process so that they may participate in our republic with dignity and inclusion.

The History of This Issue

  • The 2000 election delay brought to light that people with disabilities lacked the right to vote privately and independently, without assistance.
  • Because of this, the determination was made that new voting technology was needed throughout the nation to ensure access to voting for individuals with disabilities.
  • Title II of the ADA requires that services provided by all local and state government must provide access to people with disabilities.
  • In 2002, Help America Vote Act (HAVA) was passed, and new technologies were developed, however people with disabilities were not consulted much during the development of these new advanced systems.
  • These initial systems are now aging, and new technology is in development which will allow for accessibility not just at the voting machine, but throughout the election process.
  • Technology has now advanced so that accessibility is not just during the act of voting itself. Accessibility can be facilitated throughout the process from registration, to check-in to casting the ballot.

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Welcome to

votec Designed for All

Votec Corporation one of the most experienced election administration firms and Disability Relations Group (DRG) a leader in disability elder public policy have joined forces. The fruits of this union will be the next evolution in accessible and user-friendly voting and election administration systems.

"Last time accessible voting was being discussed, the election equipment companies gave voters with disabilities what they thought we needed. This time Votec is asking us to help design both voting and election administration systems. The result will be a level of access and user friendliness that will be leaps and bounds ahead of current systems. " said Douglas Towne, Chairman of DRG. He went on, "The combined intent of Votec and DRG is not only to make voting more accessible and user-friendly to more voters with a wider range of needs but to make election administration systems equally as accessible and user-friendly. This will open up not only volunteer but employment positions as well within the election administration field for people with disabilities."

John Medcalf Chief Executive Officer of Votec added, "The growing population of people with disabilities and elders deserve better than what is available currently in the voting and election administration space. I am convinced that if we expand access and user-friendliness for those with a wide range of needs we will make things better for everyone. This will expand voter participation and civic involvement." I was in this business for thirty plus years before I ever considered just how many citizens with disabilities were being left out of the process. We are seeking to design a system that is a continuum of access that can use the same platform to seek new levels of participation as technology and public policy evolves. I don't face the kind of access issues that are of concern and that is why our involving the disabled and elder communities is so vital. When we say "Votec Designed For All, we really mean it."

Votec and DRG have launched a national listening campaign to gather input and expertise to guide them in the development of this next evolution in voting and election administration systems.

The listening campaign went live in March 2017 and will stay open for comment throughout the year. We invite everyone to participate.

Contact us to learn more about our elections management practice. Our voting survey is designed to improve accessibility for voters nationwide.