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Author, Orator, Public Policy Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur
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Email: dougt@drgglobal.com

Disability Relations Group is a global disability relations, image management, public policy facilitator and social enterprise development firm. Its clients range from individuals and small local entities to government, nonprofit and global business corporations.

Principals of Engagement

1. The only successful way to forget one’s own burdens is to help bear another’s. Directly engage with individual issues in an effort to first resolve them, second improve them, and/or third develop big picture understandings/solutions to
systemic issues.
2. God makes all things work together for good to all those who love the Lord. Engage the faith and nonprofit communities in direct assistance to individuals in need.
3. He alone who improves the small opportunities will not miss the great chances of life. Seek the small issues that can be improved with short term efforts and discussions. Only engage the great challenges when opportunity presents a likelihood of success and/or consensus/coalition building.
4. The Lord is with me, I shall not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? Facilitate challenges from a position of confidence and neutrality.

Disability Relations Group and its founder Douglas George Towne supports in thought, word and deed the:

  • Freedom of expression, speech, and worship
  • Freedom from fear, ignorance, and want
  • Freedom from dishonesty, exclusion, and immorality
  • Freedom of aspiration, invention, and empowerment

Chairman, Disability Relations Group.

Affiliated Organizations Clients and Events:
Accessing Digital America Inc. – Chief Executive Officer
Actuate Canada Corporation – Event guest and panel participant
American Association of People with Disabilities Inc. – Member
Avaya Incorporated – Disability and Technology Consultant
AutoMark Systems Inc. – Disability and Technology Consultant
BrailleWorks Inc. – Disability Market Consultant
Caring & Sharing Center for Independent Living – Public policy, Management and Marketing
Chapel on the Hill of the United Church of Christ, Inc. – Member, Clerk, Vice-Moderator and Moderator
Community Transportation Association of America – Disability Communications Consultant
Congressman David Jolly – Chairman, Council on Disability Elder Concerns
Davy Crockett Company – Chief Executive Officer
Disability Achievement Center – Disability public policy, Management and Marketing Consultant
Disasters Strategies and Ideas Group – Disability Policy Consultant
Easter Seals Project ACTION
Accessible Community Transportation In Our Nation – National Steering Committee Board Member
Evergreen Life Services – Disability Policy and Marketing Consultant
Election Systems and Software – Disability and Technology Consultant
eLogic Learning LLC. – Disability and Technology Consultant
Florida Coalition for Disability Rights – Board Member, Vice-President and President
Florida Council of the Blind – Member
Florida Department of State Division of Election’s – Disability and Technology Consultant
Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultant
Florida Independent Living Council – Council Member
Florida Network on Disabilities – Disability, Marketing and Fund Raising Consultant
Florida Rehabilitation Council for the Blind – Council Member
Grass Roots Forum for People with Disabilities in Florida – Steering Committee Member
Heavendropt – Disability Marketing, Policy and Branding Consultant
International Convention of VSA Arts of the United States – Disability Marketing Event Consultant
LogistiCare Foundation Inc. – Chairman of the Board
LogistiCare LLC – Disability Policy and Marketing Consultant
National Council on Independent living – Member at Large and Member of Several Committees
National Federation of the blind of Florida – Charter President Sun Coast NFB Chapter
Organ Aero Defense Department contractor – Disability and Technology Consultant
Perfect World Dynamics Inc. – Disability and Technology Consultant
Pinellas Association for Retarded Citizens (PARC) – Disability Policy and Marketing Consultant
Pinellas Council of the Blind – Member and Advocate at Large
Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority – Disability Policy and Project Facilitator
Prosodica Systems – Disability and Technology Consultant
Quality of Life Community Services Inc. – Disability Policy and Marketing Consultant
Sequoia Election Systems – Disability and Technology Consultant
South Florida Center for Independent Living Inc. – Disability Public Policy Consultant
SSB-Bart Group – Disability Public Policy and Technology Consultant
TeleTech Government Solutions – Disability Public Policy and Technology Consultant
The 10th ADA Anniversary Torch Marathon – Disability Policy and Marketing Consultant
Very Special Arts of Florida Inc. – Board Member
Very Special Arts of the United States Inc. – Disability Marketing and Public Policy Consultant
United States Fire Service Association – Disability Policy Consultant and Lecturer
United Taxi of Tampa Bay – Disability Public Policy and Marketing Consultant

Douglas George Towne began his life as an advocate for people with disabilities at age thirteen while attending the New York State School for the Blind at Batavia.

As a member of the Student Council and Editor and Chief of the school paper he successfully led several actions designed to improve the life of the students.

His lifelong advocacy efforts garnered him the prestigious State Wide Advocate of the Year for 2002 from the Florida Independent Living Council and recognition from Congress as well.

Transferring from the school for the blind he became one of the first blind students to graduate from public school under the new law in 1976, going on to study history and journalism at the State University of New York. His continuing education has yielded several professional licenses and designations throughout his progressive career.

His business background began at age thirteen selling greeting cards door to door. After developing several small businesses and building a footprint in the real estate rental community he moved into the mortgage field. He retired as CEO of Continental Charter Mortgage in 1994.

In 2001 he founded Disability Relations Group (DRG) to return to his first love of advocacy and public policy in the disability arena.

As Chairman of DRG and its chief consultant, he spends a great deal of time writing and has penned a number of policy works and many social enterprise plans. His social enterprise work has come as the result of his certification by the State of Florida as a Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultant. (CBTAC) As a CBTAC he has moved into social enterprise consulting as well as small or micro business development. Working for the state of Florida, large nonprofits and individuals with disabilities who have business aspirations.

Throughout his career he has spoken to groups both large and small from local civic clubs, in the majority of the state capitols and before members of Congress in Washington. His motivational style has excited sales forces and his Biblical approach to disability has fascinated congregations. He has been a guest on numerous television and radio shows and quoted in publications around the world.

His great hobby or distraction is his love of trains and he enjoys a large scale train collection that he has been building since he was 4 years old.

Now approaching sixty years old he prefers to let his clients, associates and those he has assisted speak to his competence and past performance as is illustrated in the following pages.

2000 – HealthSouth Survivors Award
2002 – Florida Statewide Advocate of the Year awarded by the Florida Independent Living Council
2006 – Businessman of the Year awarded by the National Republican Congressional Committee
2007 -Congressional Medal of Distinction awarded by the National Republican Congressional Committee


1976 – Clifton Fine Central School Graduate (first blind student to graduate from a public school in New York under the original Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.)
1979 – State University of New York at Plattsburgh
1990 – Cook School of Real Estate graduate certificate in Mortgage Brokering
1990-2003 – Licensed Mortgage Broker Florida Division of Professional Regulation
1999 -Designated Toast Master, Toast Master International
2000 – National Transportation Institute Americans with Disabilities Act Para Transit Eligibility Certification
2003 – Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Patrol Project certification
2005 – Inside Policy and Advanced Training for the Next Generation of Experts Certification, National Council on Independent Living, Inc.
2008-2015 – Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultant Certification Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
2008-2012 – Community Transportation Association of America, Easter Seals Project Action Transportation Resource Coordination, Instructor Certification

“Accessibility is the key going forward. Accommodation has been accepted as the norm when it was supposed to be considered a temporary fix until full accessibility became the practical path of progress.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Doug represents a new breed of advocate for persons with disabilities. He negotiates through his exercise of reason and logic, with a full awareness of the difficult choices responsible government requires.”
– Katherine Harris, Florida Secretary of State
“It is difficult in a few words to express the measure of respect and trust I have in Doug Towne. I can only sum up what I have witnessed over nearly two decades of knowing and working with him. His visionary approach is thoughtful and penetrating. He has the unique ability to engage issues and projects at the micro level of the individual, while simultaneously grasping the potential impact and scope in the macro global arena.”
– Sue Buchholtz, MBA, President/CEO Evergreen Life Services
“My mom told me that because of something you did I will be able to vote all by myself as soon as I am old enough. I don’t know what you did, but it must have been great. I want to be like you some day.”
– Consumer Sarah
“Major business entities have begun to accept that people with disabilities are an economic power. Others will also follow the money and at some point people with disabilities will not have to continue making the point through legal action.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Doug’s writing and presentation skills draw the audience into his thorough understanding of the topic. His detail-oriented work solidifies the facts down to the basic decision points.”
– Sue Buchholtz, MBA, President/CEO Evergreen Life Services
“I would like to convey my support for Mr. Towne. I have professionally known him for years, and regard him as a leader in Florida, and on national level issues concerning the disability community. I have personally worked with Doug on NCIL subcommittees, and can attest to his involvement in policy areas such as ADA enforcement, civil rights, technology, environmental health barriers, and resource development. He has always been a very active NCIL member, and continues to provide our organization with valuable advice.”
– Kelly Buckland, Executive Director, National Council on Independent Living Inc.
“Thank you Doug. We have come a long way in four years and you, personally, have become quite a statesman!”
– Kathy Dent, Supervisor of Elections, Sarasota County, Florida
“Big companies are made up of people who care about issues. Working with them to find a way to do what people with disabilities need and presents a good business case is what I do. It is the key to advancing a disability agenda in most any company.”
– Douglas George Towne
“When Doug and DRG first got involved with Avaya we were struggling with how best to give incentive or value to the work our employees do beyond sales. He helped us find not only our century old legacy of providing accessible telecommunications, but realize how our work can have such a great impact on the millions of citizens who must use technology every day. We have now not only embraced accessible telecommunications, but made it a focal point in our customer presentations.
Accessible Technology is the wave opening up the future for people with disabilities and thanks to DRG, Avaya is proud to be at the leading edge of that wave.”
– Regional Vice President, Donny Ward, Avaya, Incorporated
“I wanted to buy a business instead of starting from scratch like VR wanted me to do. You helped them to understand the wisdom of my plan, convinced them to change policy and now I am self-employed with a thriving small business thanks to your talent and belief in my dream.”
– Consumer Tom
“I believe in execution as a business management strategy. The basis of execution is facing reality and acting on it. No one knows everything, but we must all be willing to learn from each other.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Doug has the ability to put people at ease where newcomers often fail with the staff of business entities. He is quickly accepted as a member of the team. Doug is not shy about admitting when he is wrong or does not know enough about a subject. He is also not shy about making an unpopular point that must still be made. These are
unique qualities, among consulting professionals, that sets him apart.”
– Sue Buchholtz, MBA, President/CEO Evergreen Life Services
“Doug brings a healthy dose of political realism to advocacy discussions. His bipartisan consultations take into account all the strategic perspectives that should be measured even when many do not want to accept them as reality.”
– Billy Altom, Executive Director, Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living
“Because of your dedication and commitment, our programs are recognized and held in high regard at the national and state level. You are an important, essential, integral part of the Area Agency on Aging. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do.”
– Karen Bolin, Project Coordinator, Senior Medicare & Medicaid Patrol Project
“Policy is important, but how it effects people is vital to me personally. The notes I get from people about my work and how it effected them in a positive way makes it all worth it. The respect of my peers is an honor that always catches me by surprise in a way that is difficult to describe.”
– Douglas George Towne
“I have worked with Doug Towne on several projects over the last 30 years and have found Doug to be very bright, accomplished and professional in his work. As a marketing and public relations consultant, Doug is a quick study with the talent to recognize and appreciate the needs of his client. Once assigned a task, he dedicates his energies efficiently, accomplishing the mission within the budgetary restrictions and in a timely manner.”
– Gust “Dean” Doulou President, Partners in Business, Inc.
“My new power chair is great and I would not have gotten it without you being willing to challenge those people in Tallahassee.”
– Consumer Morgan
“I have been blessed to follow in the footsteps of people who through their ideas have encouraged the genius and generosity of the human spirit. These extraordinary people carve out history from blank stone. I’m pleased to work in the shadow of greatness as a simple scribe and facilitator.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Handing someone an idea literally written on the back of a napkin is a challenge to most, but it is only the starting point for Doug’s exceptional talent and leadership. When looking at an issue or idea with numerous moving parts, Doug is one of the first people I think of who can readily immerse himself in the project pulling all the disparate parts together into a unified picture.”
– Sue Buchholtz, MBA, President/CEO Evergreen Life Services
“I have had the opportunity to work directly with Doug Towne at The Servants Inc. I have found Doug to perform consistently above and beyond our expectations. Doug took it upon himself to put the company first. His functions included management, corporate restructuring and organization, financial advisory services, and marketing. Mr. Towne will be a missed asset. Doug’s contributions will be felt for a considerable time.”
– Phil Lueken, Comptroller, Servants Inc.
“We greatly appreciate all you have done for the National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island.”
– Richard Gaffney, President NFB of Rhode Island
“Access to an independent, verifiable and secure ballot is at the basis of any democracy for all its citizens. Technology has made true access possible for many people with disabilities a reality, but we must keep pressing forward with new development to encompass those not yet served.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Mr. Towne is well known and respected in the disability and general community. He has served in many capacities at National, State and local levels as a member of the National Federation for the Blind for Florida, the National Council on Independent Living, the Florida Council of the Blind, the Florida Independent Living Council and the Florida Rehabilitation Council for the Blind to name a few. Doug led the creation of the Florida Coalition for Disability Rights. He was responsible for efforts leading to accessible voting resulting in passage of legislation at both the State and Federal levels.”
– Joseph J DiDomenico, Executive Director, Disability Achievement Center
“A vast difference exists between what the blind think they can do and what the system will allow us to do. Blind services said no to my chosen profession, but you cut through the obstacles of attitude and now they are supporting me fully. We need more like you leading the charge.”
– Consumer Eric
“Government is a tool of the people and we the people must work with it to improve services and outcomes.”
– Douglas George Towne
“He recognizes the complexities faced by government while at the same time is able to help people on all sides of an issue seek common ground over the long term. These abilities are evident in his work on accessible voting.”
– Florida Secretary of State, Glenda E. Hood
“It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Charter Board of Directors of the Nonprofit Resource Center of Tampa Bay, Inc. True to the core values of the Initiating Committee and the current Board, your peers recommended you, an honor to be proud of. Our special thanks for your willingness and enthusiasm to be part of a critical landmark effort that will improve the quality of life for the Tampa Bay area.”
– Donald J. Tabone, Chairman, Nonprofit Resource Center of Tampa Bay
“Disability related entities at all levels do not talk and work with each other enough. In government, nonprofit and business sectors which serve people with disabilities, there is too much turf protection and not enough cooperation.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Over the course of his involvement with the Disability Achievement Center, Mr. Towne has represented the organization professionally at numerous community events and meetings. He has successfully managed media contacts for the organization. Doug has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in our
community. For example, he facilitated the joint CASCIL, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) Para-Transit eligibility coalition that included 27 local disability and elder nonprofit organizations that produced a report which was adopted by PSTA’s Board of Directors. He was also instrumental in a voting rights initiative that resulted in passage of legislation in Florida that improved access for individuals with disabilities throughout the state.”
– Jack D. Humburg, President, Board of Directors Disability Achievement Center, Inc.
“You listened to me and helped me get what I wanted when no one else thought I could or should including my Mom.”
– Consumer Stephen
“I have had the honor to work with so many professionals who face and deal with personal disability challenges that my blindness feels trivial by comparison. They inspire me every day.”
– Douglas George Towne
“For nearly 15 years I have had the opportunity to work with Doug Towne in a variety of capacities. I have come to recognize that he is meticulously organized and has an incredible memory. I have tremendous respect for him. He is a master at advocating on behalf of individuals with disabilities. On countless occasions I have witnessed Doug take on an issue and in no time at all has been successful in resolving the matter at hand. His avid interest in the political arena has served him well. Doug has a vast network that reaches across the country. If presented with a problem to
address, he knows who to contact for resolution.”
– Mary Twohey, Program Director, Disability Achievement Center
“Many thanks for your informative and very well presented talk. The membership learned a great deal of interesting points for the advancement of better life styles and life choices from the disabled person’s point of view. Your organization does wonderful work in an area that needs the leaderships you offer.”
– Tom Couture, Program Chairman, St Petersburg Civitan Club
“Where public service is concerned too many people are willing to look like they are doing something with out actually making things happen. I work to associate myself with people who are the action oriented players in community life.”
– Douglas George Towne
“His intensity to advocate for ideas and excellence, and his willingness to learn and understand alternative views makes Doug an effective team player who supports ideas that work best for the organization.”
– Donald J. Tabone, President and CEO of Executive Management Associates
“Thank you for your diligence. I am quite impressed with your present plan for my small business. I am also looking forward to working with you further.
– CBTAC Consumer Mary
“The businesses who are vital to advancing the technology necessary to solving disability related issues are in the market to make a profit. People with disabilities need to recognise that and support those companies or they simply will not make the investment. If companies are required to build in accessibility then it is our responsibility as far as possible to make sure that there is a ready market for such products.”
– Douglas George Towne
“DRG with Doug Towne’s leadership has contributed to our business success. Doug has earned our respect and confidence through his personal and professional integrity and in depth understanding of what matters most to people with disabilities. His support allows us to drive solid product solutions in the election industry that has helped us successfully generate new customers and produce bottom-line results. In the highly political arena within the election industry that evaluates and at times challenges our products, Doug has opened doors and provided solid strategies on how to ensure full support for our products.”
– Aldo Tesi, Chief Executive Officer, Election Systems and Software.
“I wanted to take the time to thank you personally for sharing your time, talent and support with The Able Trust to help make the Fourth Symposium on Disabilities a success. Although the mood was somber, overall coming just 9 days after the September 11 attacks, we heard outstanding remarks about the event it proved to be an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing ideas about the latest disability issues. Thanks to your efforts, we developed an exciting agenda for our attendees, who expressed much enthusiasm for the Symposium. This could not have happened without the follow-through you had with obtaining the many speakers. We are truly grateful.”
– Kristen Knapp, APR, Vice President of Public Relations, Florida Governor’s Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities
“There is a lot of fear related to disability and sometimes it translates into families and others overprotecting people with disabilities. This is especially true where children and youth with disabilities are concerned. Sometimes the greatest disability a child with a disability has is their parents.”
– Douglas George Towne
“It is a huge benefit to have someone willing to work hard for the cause, defend a principle, handle themselves with poise in the face of challenge, and remain clear thinking despite conflict.”
– Betsey McFarland, Executive Director, Executive Service Corps of Tampa Bay Inc.
“As I prepared to Graduate from school with honors and move on to the University of South Florida you had the insight that it was not my disability, but rather my Mom who was preventing me from following my plan. You spent lots of time and got many people involved so I could move on even though my Mom tried to keep me in school even longer. I don’t know how to thank you now that I am about to graduate from the university with the degree I planned for.”
– Consumer Aaron
“Even though there are more than sixty million people with disabilities in the United States we are still not viewed as a political force. This is in part because we have failed to sufficiently engage other groups like seniors, veterans and minority populations on issues of common interest.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Mr. Towne has played a significant role in the operations of this agency over the years. His contributions have been very valuable as change began to take place and the change has led to a much improved responsiveness to those we serve and to our community. Even before I became involved with this center I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Towne on many projects which benefited the disability community and improved Tampa Bay area accessibility. It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Towne for any position of responsibility in the area of disability and in areas of social
– Joseph J. DiDomenico, Executive Director, Disability Achievement Center
“Mr. Towne: Thank you for your service as a member of the Florida Independent Living Council and Rehabilitation Council for the Blind. I want to express my appreciation for your dedication to the people of the State of Florida.”
– Florida Governor Jeb Bush
“As an advocate and public policy facilitator I think every day about what things will be like in the future for youth with disabilities. It is a key to my discussions with any party I am working with in order to engage them in reaching for new levels of accessibility and policy implementation.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Doug’s reach into the community and across the state and nation brings an impressive range of resources and support to any endeavor in which he is engaged. His grasp of complex situations gives him the strategic ability to look at any challenge with a view towards the intended and unintended consequences.”
– Dave Eggers Mayor of Dunedin Chairman Pinellas County MPO
“My son listened to you speak at the Medicaid services rally and he just came alive. Previously wanting to sleep late and go to bed early to rest from the disability that weakens his body more and more, he is now up and engaged in life every day. He is on the phone and computer creating an advocacy group. He has told me more than once he wants to do what you do. I see trouble ahead as he pushes the envelope with his Dad and I. Thank God for your message.”
– Joey’s Mom
“Yes I have a reputation for taking on big issues. I don’t always win, but I give it all I have. We face big challenges and I figure someone had better try.”
– Douglas George Towne
“There is no question that Doug is a big picture sweeping change type leader. He is also dedicated to assuring that such work puts the individual squarely in the picture so their benefits are maximized and unintended consequences are mitigated. Choosing one word to sum up Doug Towne’s personal and professional character and work is easy for me as a client and longtime associate. Sterling says it all.”
– Sue Buchholtz, MBA, President/CEO Evergreen Life Services
“We have worked with Doug at the national level on many policy issues and found him to be a quick study with access to technology resources that have been a great help. His work in the commercial sectors of telecommunications, elections, web based products and website development gives him a unique perspective when balanced with his advocacy work on behalf of people with disabilities. Doug has a long history of public sector service on many boards and committees at the local, state and national levels that cut across many sectors of interest to people with disabilities. The National Council on Independent Living utilizes Doug as a go-to person on issues concerning technology.”
– John Nousaine, Director, North Country Center for Independent Living
“Doug is an incredible individual who has been supportive of the Administration. I have gotten to know him more and more as time has progressed, and I have grown to appreciate him for his leadership.”
– Olegario D. Cantos VII, Esq., Associate Director for Domestic Policy, The White House
“Advocacy is not about pounding your fist on the table and yelling “I want.” We have to be responsible in our approach and find logical pathways to our goals that take into account the needs of others besides ourselves. And yes that includes the cost to government and the profits of business.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Doug has a unique ability to balance the needs of people with disabilities with the difficult challenges and choices government faces today. He has faced his constituency after making difficult decisions even when they don’t agree on every point.”
– Dave Eggers, Mayor of Dunedin, Chairman Pinellas County MPO
“Dealing with Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security was more traumatic to myself and my family than the accident that took my memory and put me in a coma in the first place. When I woke up and they wanted me to sign all those papers I didn’t understand I was scared and didn’t sign anything. All my government benefits disappeared because I didn’t sign. When we met I was in such pain and could not get help anywhere. You knew just what to do and in what was just a few weeks before three years of trouble was set right and I got my benefits back and the help I needed. Bless you and your work.”
– Consumer David
“Historically the disability community has not always presented itself well in its efforts to advance our civil rights. We need to do a better job of impressing on others that what we seek is not just about us because everyone is one doctor visit or accident away from becoming a person with a disability.”
– Douglas George Towne
“As a facilitator, Doug has the ability to lead from a position of neutrality between opposing points of view. As a negotiator, he has the tactical insight to put his counterpart into the position of seeing the discussion from all points of view. In the field of public policy, Doug has a history of and is not afraid to take on huge issues and see them through to a successful conclusion. Politically, he has a keen understanding of views on all sides of the political equation. He has demonstrated the insight necessary to turn those entrenched views into supporting elements of the mission.”
– Sue Buchholtz, MBA, President/CEO Evergreen Life Services
“On an organizational level, Mr. Towne’s work within the Disability Achievement Center helped to improve efficiencies in many different areas of the agency. Recently, he was instrumental in a re-branding effort that resulted in the change from CASCIL to the Disability Achievement Center. His involvement in the evaluation, development
process, and launch of this new brand was critical to its success.”
– Jack D. Humburg, President, Board of Directors Disability Achievement Center, Inc.
“Thank you for the fine services you and your staff provide to our community.”
– Reese Coppage, CEO, Banyan Foundation Inc.
“Technology is not the only solution to the issues that face people with disabilities, but it can be a great equalizer in many cases. Access to voting, communications, education, employment and many other areas of concern are being impacted by evolving technology. Attitudes are still the greatest barriers faced by people with disabilities.”
– Douglas George Towne
“Doug’s technical expertise, what he understands about accessibility, and his experience with the particular types of voting systems has been extremely valuable to us in implementing the different types of voting systems.” He has been able to point out the advantageous technical aspects of the AutoMARK versus competitors’ products that may not actually be as accessible as they are claimed to be. “Doug takes a professional approach to the industry, looking for real solutions rather than stop-gap measures. He is a credit to the disability community everywhere.”
– Rob Resuali, Automark Inc.
“I don’t know what I would have done without your help. Others could not fix my critical Medicaid issues and they were threatening my well-being. You knew what to do, who to call and how to get things set right. It is like all the trouble never happened. I can’t thank you enough.”
– Consumer Donna
“Approaching disability related issues such as employment, business and resource development through practical social enterprise and corporate profit center creation only makes sense. Not only does it gain the respect of government and business leaders, but it is a direct path to resolving these issues in a consistent and long term
– Douglas George Towne
“In the field of social enterprise, he is an excellent example of the twenty-first century social entrepreneur. He brings a professional business approach to the nonprofit world in an organized method that blends social responsibilities with necessary commercial management perspectives. In social enterprise, he puts positive revenue and job creation first as measures of success.”
– Sue Buchholtz, MBA, President/CEO Evergreen Life Services
“Doug’s responsibilities included: development of an international marketing plan, the re-engineering of our advertising campaigns, and complete restructuring of the management responsibilities of our machine division. His accomplishments in turning the machine division around have been nothing short of remarkable. I respect and trust his honesty, work ethic, and dedication.”
– Mike Brandes, Vice President of Operations, Servants Inc.
“On behalf of The Able Trust, I would like to thank you for serving as a volunteer for the 3rd annual Youth Leadership Forum. Your time, support and enthusiasm contributed greatly to the success of this year’s YLF. Your willingness to share a part of yourself with these students does not go unnoticed.
– Kristen Knapp, APR – Vice President of Public Relations, Florida Governor’s Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities
“I went to the 2002 YLF and I had the time of my life. Everybody there are my best friends…”
– YLF member Jimmy
“…I just want to say that this is something I will be a part of for as long as I can because it has helped me so much.”
– YLF member Angela

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