Technology to help voters with hearing loss

New Election Technology Helps Voters with Hearing Loss

For Immediate Release
Friday, February 27, 2017
Douglas Towne

New Election Technology Allows Privacy and Independence During Check-In for Voters with Hearing Loss

New technologies provide voters with hearing loss a private and dignified check-in experience at polling places by allowing voters to follow along with a poll workers actions on the voters’ own screen. The new technology called VoteSafe™ Voter Kiosk™ from VOTEC allows a voter to view a tabled PC facing opposite of the poll worker, and view exactly what the poll worker is doing during the check-in process. This allows the voter to follow along during the entire check-in process with little or no verbal communication. A voters address, name, registered party affiliation, and other private information can all be verified without a poll worker needing to know sign language or speak aloud back to the voter in order to be heard. Any mistakes or misspellings can be corrected by the voter communicating with the poll worker via the touch screen, and making changes or verifying information privately and securely.

Because the screen is near the voter, information is kept private, and the screen can be handed to a voter in a wheelchair as well as someone who approaches the check-in table on foot. Because the voter is viewing the check-in process from start to finish, they are reassured that their information is correct without the need for complex and public communication, audible to others.

Bridgette Escobedo, Bastrop County Texas Elections Administrator says “The Voter Kiosk [demonstrates] VOTEC’s long term commitment to improving the voter experience.”

For more information about voting technology designed for voters with disabilities, or how VOTEC is seeking to improve the voting experience for all in the disability community, please visit www.votecd4a.com.

About VOTEC – Voting Technology Designed for All

Our mission is to advocate for technologies that facilitate individual and private access for people with disabilities to the election process so that they may participate in our republic with dignity and inclusion. We are a technology firm committed to listening to consumers as we develop voting technology that is designed with input from voters with disabilities, poll workers, advocates, family members, and election officials.

Technology has now advanced so that accessibility is not just during the act of voting itself. Accessibility can be facilitated throughout the process from registration, to check-in, to casting the ballot. VOTEC is committed to developing technology that is capable of providing an independent and private voting experience so that every individual can participate in the democratic process. VOTEC has 36 years serving voters and election workers with computer solutions. VOTEC constantly works to honor the hard work of election officials and poll workers and the sensitivities of voters. Every VOTEC product gives the voters confidence in their elections while making election workers efficient.